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Original Music Albums

Be Still and Know

This is a draft of several new songs written in 2020, Plus some older songs. Not Mastered

(EP) Fear Not

A collection of Scripture Songs encouraging us to trust God in every situation.

It's About Time

Some new and older songs speaking primarily about the return of the King. Maranatha!

Get Ready

Mostly New Songs for 2019. This is an unmastered draft version. Song volumes may vary. Hope to have it mastered and finished by July 2019

HeartSongs: To Be Like My Father

Released in 2008, HeartSongs is a collection of spiritual songs that are arranged as a conversation with God. I speak...He speaks. If you set aside 50 minutes to listen to the entire album you will see the progression.

The Awesome Heart Of God

Released in 1998. This a a country flavored (slightly humorous) collection of songs about daily life in the Kingdom of God.

FREEDOM Tetralogy "Still" Under Construction

Freedom Trilogy (Guitar/voice only) and associated songs.